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Occluding pillars (10 Aug 2016): Airy tiling patterns that obstruct all lines

Of Number Representations (1 May 2013): Three ways to handle numbers involving non-trivial operations.

Positional Numbering (4 Dec 2012): The surprising elegance of numerals and bigint routines.

Number Bases (1 Nov 2012): The structure beneath Arabic numerals.

Deterministic Chaos (13 September 2012): An example of an obviously chaotic system.

Schläfli Symbols (8 Mar 2012): Describing regular tiles in any dimension.

Irrationality (25 Oct 2011): Some numbers are not fractions.

Cantor Diagonalization (24 Oct 2011): An infinity bigger than infinity

Of Logarithms and Numbers (27 Sep 2011): More on the digitation theme.

Digitation (29 Aug 2011): The 99¢ phenomenon (and it's solution).

Mathematics for Hyperbolic Tiles (5 Jul 2011): Representation of the numbers used in {5, (3,)* 4} tessellations matrices.

Living Hyperbolically (22 Jun 2011): A subjective description of hyperbolic geometry (sans maths).

Hyperbolic Transformations (15 Jun 2011): A discussion of matrices for hyperbolic geometry

Basic Hyperbolic Operations (8 June 2011): A technique for the Minkowski representation of hyperbolic geometry, including the hyperbolic linear interpolation or hlerp.

Infinite Decimals Times a Digit (30 May 2011): How to compute an endless repeating decimal times a single-digit constant in any base.

Most Significant Bit First Addition (26 May 2011): A technique for adding infinite binary sequences.

Continued Fractions (16 May 2011): Continued fractions are a beautiful representation of real numbers, but they have some problems as well.